A The undisputed oligarch of oligarchs, Roman Abramovich, the 39 year old owner of Chelsea Football Club, is Russia's richest citizen with an estimated $28.7 billion to his name.He made his billions in the anarchic 1990s, when much of Russia's industry was sold off to a canny few for a fraction of its real value. In his case, he managed to get his hands on major oil and aluminium interests.Last year he sold the crown jewel in his empire the Sibneft oil company to the Kremlin controlled Gazprom for $20.6 billion, the biggest transaction in Russian corporate history. He owns three superyachts and a private jet.B One of the Russian oligarchy's most colourful and political characters, with an estimated $1.6 billion in his pocket, is Discount Nike Free 3.0 V2 Mens UK 60 year old Boris Berezovsky, a former maths professor who used his powers of logic to get rich. Afraid of being jailed by the Kremlin, Berezovsky won political sanctuary in Britain where he now lives.The Russian Government has unsuccessfully tried to have him extradited on fraud charges. Berezovsky insists the charges are politically motivated.A fierce critic Shop Nike Free Run 2 Mens Cheap of Vladimir Putin, he has dedicated himself to toppling the Russian President.Berezovsky made his money in the 1990s by capitalising on his close contacts with the entourage of then President Boris Yeltsin. His connections saw him acquire lucrative stakes in the Russian oil, car and media industries, many of which he has since sold at enormous profit.C Fifty six year old Shalva Chigirinsky is one of the movers and shakers responsible for Moscow's dramatic metamorphosis from drab Soviet era city into a cutting edge metropolis. Worth an estimated $1.5 billion, he is one of the Russian capital's most successful property developers. He is also paying British architect Sir Norman Foster to design what will be Europe's tallest tower, to redevelop an entire island district in St Petersburg, and to create a huge entertainment complex in southern Moscow.Chigirinsky makes no secret of his dislike for Roman Abramovich, whom he accuses of having stolen half an oilfield. Abramovich denies the accusation.D Oleg Deripaska is the king of Russia's aluminium industry, a man whose name strikes fear into many of his competitors. With a fortune estimated at $14 billion, he also has interests in the timber and car industries. His competitors allege that he uses strong arm tactics in hostile takeovers.In 2001 he married Polina Yumasheva, former President Boris Yeltsin's granddaughter, and has long enjoyed close relations with Russia's political elite. He began his career in 1993 as a commodities trader.E Vladimir Evtushenkov, 57, a Bill Gates Nike Free Run Pink Punch lookalike with an estimated $12 billion to his name, is Russia's eighth richest man. The source of his wealth is the telecoms to real estate conglomerate that he controls called Sistema, which he helped set up in 1993 and which includes some of the juiciest assets that once belonged to the state in Moscow the Russian capital's fixed line telephone network, its principal mobile phone operator MTS (which is now Eastern Europe's biggest), the iconic Children's World department store, and a big insurance company.Sistema also makes microchips and has a foothold in the biotech industry. Married with two children, Evtushenkov is regarded as one of the most erudite oligarchs, and has a doctorate in economics. Like most oligarchs, he owns a private jet.F Mikhail Fridman is worth an estimated $16.5 billion. His success is based on the banking to telecoms consortium Alfa Group, which he founded. He is one of the company's majority shareholders. He has come a long way since his student days in Moscow, when he made extra cash by selling theatre tickets and organising discos.Fridman Cheap Nike Free Sale has traditionally enjoyed good relations with the Kremlin but suffered a setback earlier this year when his sprawling dacha (country house) was seized by the Government.G Vladimir Gusinsky, 53, used to be one of Russia's most powerful media magnates, but he lost almost everything and is now more minigarch. His story shows how dependent oligarchs are on the Kremlin's goodwill. Gusinsky flourished under President Boris Yeltsin but saw his empire collapse when Vladimir Putin came to power.In the 1990s the flamboyant former theatre director appeared to have the Midas touch, founding Media Most, a company that included the Segodnya newspaper, independent TV station NTV, and a banking and property empire. But NTV became a thorn in the Kremlin's side with its highly critical coverage of the war in Chechnya.In 2000 Gusinsky Nike Free Womens Hot Punch Pink was accused of embezzlement and money laundering and was forced into exile. He now lives in Israel and his fortune is estimated to have dwindled to $187 million, a figure not high enough for him to make it into Russia's "Golden 100".H. is for Khan (since there is no H in the Cyrillic alphabet). Forty four year old German Khan is estimated to have $10.6 billion to his name, but he is regarded as one of the most reclusive, low profile oligarchs.A close friend and business partner of fellow oligarchs Mikhail Fridman and Viktor Vekselberg, with whom he holidays every year, he owns a major stake Nike Free Turquoise Women in telecoms and banking consortium Alfa Group. But his speciality is oil. In the 1980s he met Fridman and several other future oligarchs while studying at Moscow's Institute of Steel and Alloys, a twist of serendipity that was to make his fortune.I Boris Ivanishvili used to be known as "the man who nobody knew anything about", despite being worth an estimated $7.4 billion. Until 2005 there was only one photograph of him in the public domain.Today more is known about Russia's 19th richest individual, who is in fact of Georgian origin. Aged 50, and married with three children, the source of his wealth is metals and banking. Forbes' description of the secret of his success could apply to dozens of other oligarchs. "He bought firms that nobody needed for tens of millions of dollars and sold Nike Free running Tiffany Blue them for billions of dollars."He has now largely sold up and his money is in investment funds. He lives in a huge house cut out of a hillside in his native Georgia.J Boris Jordan and Stephen Jennings are Russia's honorary oligarchs. They do not possess Russian passports but they helped the oligarchs to accumulate their wealth in the anarchic post Soviet 1990s, managing to make some serious money themselves along the way. In 1992 they were brought in by the Kremlin to organise the country's first privatisation auction, of the Bolshevik Biscuit Factory.Jordan is an American investment banker of Russian origin, Jennings a rugby loving New Zealander. When the duo realised how cheaply Russia was going to sell off its crown jewels, Jordan, now 39, and Jennings, now 46, decided they wanted a slice of the action. The two made a fortune.Investment bank Renaissance Capital, which Jennings now heads, is estimated to be worth around $2.3 billion, while Jordan manages $886 million worth of investments through his Sputnik Investment Fund.K Once Nike Free Run 3 Mens Cheap Russia's richest man, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, 42, is now the country's most famous inmate, having being jailed for fraud and tax evasion last year.
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